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Q: Does your service work for cell phones?
A: Yes, with OCS PrisonCalls you will be able to receive collect calls from a prison or jail on your cell phone. Prison collect online works with all cell phone carriers.

Q: Does your phone system violate the prison’s rules?
A: No it does not.
The inmate phone number which we give you is located outside the prison. When the inmate calls that number, the call will go through the prison phone system with all its security features. You will still hear those annoying messages and the guards can still listen in or record the conversations. Your inmate is still subject to the same telephone rules that they were before.

Q: Can you send collect calls from a prison to a blocked number?
A: Yes, Even if your number is blocked for collect calls, with OCS PrisonCalls you will be able to receive collect calls from a prison or jail.

Q: Another company told me that I would have to set up an account with the prison to use their service. Would I have to do that with your service?
A: No, with our service you do not have to set up an account with the prison and pay them too. With our service you will only have one account, and that is with us, and you will only pay us for the calls.

Q: If the inmate gets out of prison, can we cancel?
A: Yes, you may cancel our service at any time by calling our office. There is no fee to cancel service.

Q: If my number changes, will I have to set up a new account with you?
A: No, just call into our office and talk to one of our customer service representatives we will be able to change the ring location without changing the number the inmate dials. There is a small fee for changing the ring location.

Q: What if the inmate is moved to another facility?
A: If the inmate is moved, please call our office immediately so we can determine if you need a new inmate phone number.

Q: My husband is in prison and his parents live overseas, can they use your service?
A: Yes, we can send his calls anywhere in the world, at very reasonable rates.

Q: Can the inmate call anyone else with my number?
A: No, we will only send the calls to the number that you have specified.

Q: My number is a local number to the facility; will you be able to save me money on my calls?
A: No, if you have a local number to the facility then we will not be able to save you money on your calls.

Q: I have more than one inmate in different prisons, can they all use the same number?
A: Maybe, it will depend on the state that they are in, in some states you will be able to use the same number for all faciltes and in others you would have to set up a separate account for each facility. You would need to call out office and find out if

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