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Serving 98% of federal, state, county and local facilities nationwide.

on the phoneWith OCS PrisonCalls you will:
• Be able to monitor your account online or by phone.
• Be able to add funds online or through the office.
• Be able to receive calls on any type of phone.
• Have one simple to use and easy to understand plan
• Prepay for the calls, so that you don’t get stuck with a high phone bill
OCS PrisonCalls is a prepaid phone provider, we will provide you with a special number that you will give to the inmate. When the inmate dials the special number we will send the call to either your home or to your cell phone. Each time the inmate calls the charges are deducted from your prepaid account. If you run out of money then you will not be able to receive any calls until you add funds to your OCS PrisonCalls account. With OCS PrisonCalls you will eliminate high collect call charges on your phone bill.

OCS PrisonCalls is simple, in fact it is one of the simplest plans available. You will deal with one company for all your collect calls; you will only have one account to monitor. OCS PrisonCalls is for people who want a simplified inmate collect calling plan.
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